21-Ray Hall, Letterman?

'Captain Rayhall! I've spotted several wagons and what appear to be adventurers ahead of us!
A large man in his forties called out his name,
'A caravan of merchants?
I ask back.

We don't have time for merchants.
It's been two days since my master's son was supposed to return to the estate. I've heard rumors of bandits lately but I've been too busy to investigate. It's partly because of the large number of demons that have appeared near our territory, we haven't been able to get to the roads.

But I didn't think that the bandits I'd heard so much about would be able to get their hands on the Marquise.
A letter demanding ransom was delivered to the Marquise from a certain merchant. It seems that the merchant also had all his goods taken. It was probably lucky that he didn't take his life just to deliver the letter.

'If you are a merchant, leave it!
I said,
'Ah, there's a flag on the wagon now! It's the Royal Army!
'What? Send in the first cavalryman!
'Yes, sir! Yes, sir!


A cavalryman comes running up.
'Kingdom troops, I presume! I'm Letterman, a cavalryman from the Marquess of Dixon's army, Rayhall troop! I'd like to speak with a representative of this unit!
Patrick stepped forward,
'Second Lieutenant Patrick Rigsby, First Army, Royal Army! I'm in charge of this company!
He said,
A short, red-haired, blue-eyed man named Letterman dismounts from his horse.
'Ensign Rigsby, what is the purpose of this unit's presence here?
He asks,
'We were on military duty, clearing the streets of filth, when we came across a bandit's hideout, protecting the son of the Marquis of Dixon. I'm on my way to escort him to his estate. Please report to your commander.

'Are you sure?

'Yes, I'll bring him to you now. This way, please!
Patrick led the way to the carriage where the three of them were riding.

'This way, sir! Mr. Letterman. Excuse me.'
Patrick opens the curtain of the carriage.

Of the three men in the carriage, Kevin is,
'Letterman! All three of you are safe!
' he says, smiling.
'Oh! Sir Kevin! Sir Carlos, Mark too! I'll go report to the captain right away! Ensign Rigsby! I'm sorry, sir, but I'll be right back with the captain and the troops, so please stay where you are.

Letterman looked at the three men, then turned to Patrick and bowed.

'Yes, sir! Mr. Letterman!
Letterman hurriedly mounted his horse and turned back.