23-Welcome party?

I'm in the hall of the Marquess of Dixon's mansion.

I arrived at the capital without incident.
I'm greeted by the Marquis of Dixon, the Marquise and her servants, and Kevin.

After that, we received words of thanks, had a thank-you dinner with the soldiers, received thanks from the Marquis, and were dismissed, but somehow I was the only one grabbed by the Marquis.

'Ensign Rigsby, may I have a word with you?
He was over 50 years old and seemed like a nice guy, so I couldn't say no to him.

'Thank you again. I want to thank you again, not only for Kevin, but also for saving the three of us.
The Marquis of Dixon's short golden haired head is lowered lightly as he says this, and his green eyes give the impression that he is strong-willed.

I'm glad to hear that your son is safe. We are grateful to you for your kindness, as we are on a mission.
He replied.
After all, each soldier gave me one gold coin, and I received ten.
In Japanese yen, it must have cost me about 50 million yen.

'No, no, I wouldn't trade my son's life for anything.
(Since you are a marquis, you should be more respectable. I'm just a soldier, and I don't have to bow to the third son of the Rigsby family. He's a man of character.

'My son is safe, I avoided the humiliation of being robbed by bandits, and I don't think I've thanked him enough. So, Mr. Rigsby, is there anything more you want? There are quite a few things the Marquess family can do for you.

(Can you still give it to me? No, no, I was on military duty!)

So, I gave him something, he refrained from giving anything, and finally he settled down,

Then, he finally settled on, 'So, if Rigsby has any trouble, we'll help him.
He finally settled on, 'Then, if Mr. Rigsby is in trouble, I will help him.