24-to be able to

I slept in a bed in the mansion for the night, and I felt great.
Sleeping in a tent or a carriage was a far cry from that.

The soldiers seemed satisfied with their breakfast.

'Well, Your Excellency, Kevin, we're going back to the capital.
After greetings, we returned.

The return journey was mostly smooth, with only the occasional orc. Unlike the way we went, there were no bandits. That's because they were the only ones around here.

'The mission to clean up the demons and bandits has been completed without delay.
Patrick reports to his superior.

Don't tell him about Kevin.
It's a matter of honor for the Marquess family. The gold reward includes a hush money. There's an unspoken agreement here.

'Thank you! I'll give you two days' leave. Let the men rest.'
'Yes, sir! Thank you for your consideration. Excuse me!
(Yes! Vacation time!)


'Hey? Was Ensign Rigsby's company this good?'
After listening to the report, the superior asks his second-in-command.

'I'm sure it was pretty good, but the guys from Rigsby's platoon were integrated directly into it. I thought Ensign Rigsby and Sergeant Wayne were particularly good.'

I guess. Well, now His Highness' visit to the Marquess' domain won't be a problem.
'Yes, originally, if His Highness didn't want to go with a small group, there would have been no need to clean up.
'For some reason, His Highness doesn't like to travel in large groups.
'I'm also troubled by the likes of that burglar.
'That's true.