25-good and bad information

It seems that His Highness' tour of the Marquess's domain has ended without incident.
For some reason, it seems that His Highness and the eldest daughter of the Marquis family have also decided to get engaged.
I've just received news that's going to ruin that happy mood.

'Is there something fishy going on in the Empire?
'Apparently, they're importing a lot of food and iron.
Logistics and weapons manufacturing.

Who are we dealing with?
'Probably our country.'
'Of course. We don't get along.

The Empire.
The Xavian Empire, to be exact.

It's a rather large country to the west of our country.
It upholds the supremacy of the human race and discriminates against and persecutes non-humans.

Our country is a human-centered nation, but we accept immigrants, so there are not many elves, dwarves, and beastmen living here.
There are even noble families that accept their blood.

There are also territorial disputes, water disputes, and especially a problem with the mines near the border.
There is a mountain ridge that serves as the border, and because there is a mine on that mountain, iron is produced no matter which side you dig from.
The diplomats were fighting over the rights to the mines, and they were doing everything they could.

'You're trying to get the mine in a quick war.

'That country can't get much iron, so they must be desperate for it.

'The ones guarding the border are the Western Army and the Marquis of Westin's army. What do you think?

'The Western Army is reasonably powerful, so even if they come, they won't be able to do anything about it right away. The problem is the Marquis of Westin's army. It's said that the house has been losing money lately, and the number of soldiers is decreasing.

'I heard that the Marquise is spending money badly.

'I heard she's buying jewels, dresses, and precious metals at random. Well, the jewelry and precious metals can be sold to make money, but the dresses are completely custom-made.

'And apparently he's also into underground gambling.

'Are you serious? Underground gambling is high risk, right? You'll only get robbed.'

'I wonder if His Excellency the Marquis can't control it.

'You're talking too loud! What if someone hears you?

'Oh, bad, bad.

I have a bad feeling about this.