26-moving empire

'The Empire is on the move⁉︎'
'Oh, it looks like they're here.
Such rumors were flying around the army.

A room.
There were old men in glittering costumes, old men in military uniforms, and old men with thin lines.
The king, his generals, and his ministers, including the vizier.
The room was a room in the royal castle.

said a silver-haired man of about 50 years old.

'The western army is currently fighting back at the border. It's going back and forth, Your Majesty.
' said a middle-aged man with gray hair.
Prime Minister Bendrick, with his slightly thick figure and narrow eyes.

'What's Westin doing?
The king said in an irritated manner.

'It's been reported that it's taking him a long time to get his troops in order.

'What's taking them so long is that they have too few men! This is not the behavior of a nobleman who owns a territory near the border!
It's not the behavior of a nobleman who owns a territory near the border.'' said Lieutenant General Simon, a well-built man with short gray hair and a mustache.

'There were rumors that your wife was spending money like it was hot water.

'It's not a rumor, but a fact, isn't it? We've been paying the same amount of tax as in previous years, so we've been watching the situation, but it's not good.

'The Western Army has 2,000 men, right?
'Yes! There were 2,000 soldiers stationed at the fort. I hurriedly sent 1,000 troops from the southern army to reinforce them, but since I didn't know the number of the enemy, I sent a secret scout.
'Hmm, depending on the situation, we may have to send the Royal Army as well, so be prepared.
'Well, I don't think the western army will fall anytime soon.
'The south is a friendly country, so even if we move 1,000, it will be fine, but we can't reduce the number of troops in the north and east.
In the north, the tribes living in the mountainous region frequently invade our territory.
In the east, there is a forest called the Dragon's Nest, where wyverns sometimes fly in, so the army could not move it to repel them.