27-The order has been issued.

The next day, the worst news came to Wangcheng.

'What? Westin has betrayed us!

''Huh! The Western Army was attacked by the Marquis of Westin's army from behind as the Western Army engaged the Empire, and the Western Army suffered many casualties. Major General Lannigan was killed. The surviving troops retreat south. The surviving soldiers retreated to the south, where they met up with the Southern Army, which was on its way to reinforce them, and where they were currently engaged in a standoff with a mixed force of Westin and Imperial troops. I've come to report to you on the orders of the Colonel of the Southern Army.

'A man of Lannigan's stature...'

The major general said, 'I'll take the palace, everyone retreat to the south...'
A glint passed through the soldiers' eyes.

'Westin! You're in contact with the Empire! Let's move the troops to King's Landing! Lieutenant General! Hurry! Annihilate the traitor Westin and the Imperial Guard!
The king shouted in anger.

'Ha! Then I'll prepare quickly. Excuse me!

'Ensign Rigsby. You're ordered to move out.
Rigsby's eyes widen as he sees the papers being handed to him.

'The Marquis of Westin's army...'

'They've betrayed us.

'Are you sure, sir? I am House Rigsby. Like the Marquesses of Westin, I'm from the western lands, and I'm even considered a dog of the Westin family. Since it's my f*cking parents, I'm guessing that my family is also in league with the Westin family.''


'I have no intention of betraying my country, even if the Rigsbys betray me, but people around me don't think so, do they?

'Mmm, wait a minute! I'll ask my superiors for their judgment.

'Yes! If it comes to it, you can keep me in jail. You can let Wayne lead the troops.''

'I'll ask my superiors in light of that!