'Ensign Rigsby, your superiors have some questions for you.
The returning supervisor says.

'Patrick Rigsby, reporting for duty, sir.

Patrick looks around, saluting, and is a little surprised.
There were not only military heavyweights, but also national heavyweights.

'Sorry to bother you, Ensign Rigsby. Have a seat over there.'
He was about fifty years old, with red hair and a magnificent beard that ran from the bridge of his nose to his chin. He had a muscular body that looked powerful, and he was about six feet tall.
He is General Andretti.
The real head of the army.
There is a marshal above him, but since the marshal is the king, the top military commander is the general.
Well, the general was also sitting here.

'Huh! Excuse me.
He sat down in the empty seat.

'So, what I want to ask you is the relationship between the Westins and the Rigsbys. Well, I've heard of the connection. But is it enough to be involved in a betrayal?
Normally, I wouldn't be involved in a betrayal because it's too risky.

'First, let me explain our situation.
My parents, well, my mother has passed away, so it's my father and his wife, my brothers' mother, but they're very rough with their money. In a kingdom where there is a fixed limit to the amount of taxes that can be collected, everyone understands that the rest of the money that is paid to the government is used to run the estate, but the wife spends most of it on jewelry, so how does she pay for the security of the estate? Yes, she relies on the Westin family to pay for it.
The debt must be quite large.
What if House Westin whispered to them that they could lower the interest on their debts or reduce the principal a little?
Also, the Empire leaves the rate of taxation up to the lords.
If the Empire wins, what if they promise to make you an Imperial nobleman afterwards? I think he'll betray his country easily.

'Do you have any proof?

'I don't have any proof, but I don't trust those people enough to think they haven't betrayed us.

'Why do you have such a hard time trusting the people in your family?

'Would you like me to tell you about my background? Can I take a moment of your time?

As he finished speaking, a gloomy atmosphere filled the room.
'All right, we should respect Ensign Rigsby's opinion and act as if the Rigsbys are betraying us. Ensign Rigsby, is there anything else?'
The King opened his mouth.

'Ha! His Majesty the Marshal! We think there are other houses that are betraying us.


A few people shouted.

''The house to the west has several territories that are not suitable for farming. The Westin family has been lending support to them. I'm sure the lords of those lands are not too happy with House Westin.
In some of the worst cases, they even gave away their daughters.


'Do you know where that house is?

'Yes! Viscount Harter's. Also, the ones that are on loan are the Barons Curley and Eger, I believe.''

''The territories of those three families are certainly not suitable for farming. But Ensign Rigsby, how do you know so much about them? If they were treated poorly at home, wouldn't they have been informed?'
Said the King,
'I heard it from the maid who was attached to my mother when she was alive. I believe she is now back at her mother's home, Baron Kanaan's family.

'Hmm, I see. Now, I know the general situation. I'll leave the army's movements to General Andretti, but I'd like to ask you, Ensign Rigsby, to do something. I hear you're quite good. Of course, I'll keep an eye on you just in case, but personally, I think we can trust you.

'Thank you, sir! So, what do you want?