29-before preparation

The meeting continues. For some reason, Patrick was left in his place.

'So, Ensign Rigsby, carry out the Marshal's orders! The selection of the men is left to you. As for everything else, stick to the plan! Let's get rid of the traitors and the Empire!
At General Andretti's words, everyone in the room stood up and saluted the General.

Patrick hurries into action.

'Wayne! The General has given me an order. I'll be going my separate way. Wayne's in charge of the squad. Get your asses in gear!


This was the first thing that came out of Wayne's mouth, not knowing what was going on.

'No, that's why Wayne should lead the troops...'

'No, no, wait a minute! Imperial order? General? What's going on? By imperial order, do you mean the marshal told you to do it? General means His Majesty the King, right? What? Huh? I'm in charge of a unit? I'm still a sergeant. You're leading a squadron?
Wayne panicked,

'I can't give you the details, but that's what it'll be for now.
I'll put you in charge of the company, so fight like hell! I'll also be borrowing two men from the company, so be prepared for that!
Patrick said, and ran off.

'What's going on?
Wayne muttered to himself, but there was no one to answer him.