30-running dragon

Patrick grabs Corporal Mirko and Corporal Colton, a dumb-looking private with short blond hair and brown eyes.

These are the only two soldiers, aside from Wayne, who can manage to find Patrick while he is resting.
They are also soldiers who can ride a running dragon.

Normally, the army moves on foot or horseback.
A horse can be ridden by anyone with training.
Then, what is a running dragon?

It's a reptilian demon that looks like an ostrich on Earth.

It is one of the few demons that can get used to people.
It's bigger than an ostrich and has scales instead of feathers.
It is an omnivore, fast runner, strong in heat but weak in cold.

They look at people.
They choose who they ride. They will never put someone they don't like on their back.
This is not an individual difference but a species difference. If they can ride a certain pterosaur, they can ride other pterosaurs.

We don't know why.
Some researchers believe that it is because they emit a scent that the dragons like, but it has not been clarified.
However, many children of those who can ride the dragon are able to do so, so it may not be wrong.
The body odor of a person is similar to that of a parent and a child.

I told the two of them about my plan and prepared my equipment.
They were upset, but I managed to persuade them and we were able to leave two hours after the meeting.