31-opening of a war

The royal army is leaving from King's Landing.
More horses, more wagons. Followed by infantry.

Among them, of course, is Rigsby's company, led by Wayne.
Wayne doesn't know what's going on, but he's following orders.
It's the military. They follow orders.

The journey west, which had taken several days, was going smoothly and they would be in Westin territory by tomorrow.
So I thought.
Until an arrow flew through the air.

'Enemy attack! Enemy attack!

The soldiers rushed into action.
Lieutenant General Simon, the head of the reinforcements..,
Simon, the head of the reinforcements, wondered if the Westin family had betrayed him. I was only half convinced.
Simon, the leader of the reinforcements, reassured himself that he hadn't believed it yet.

If House Westin hadn't betrayed them, the Empire wouldn't have come this far to invade.
Even if their forces were small, they would still have enough strength to defend themselves.

Lieutenant General Simon issued a series of orders and engaged the Westin forces.
The enemy numbered about a thousand.
In addition to the banners of Westin's army, I saw the banners of the Kingdom's nobility.
And the flag of the Empire.

'As ordered? You're a disgrace to the kingdom!
Lieutenant General Simon spat hatefully.

A messenger from Westin's army came to the Westin residence to report.

'Report! In the Sahara grasslands to the east of our territory, the Royal Army has begun battle and is currently in the ascendancy.
'Thank you! You may leave.'
We knew they were coming, so we built a hastily constructed fort and waited for them. It was only natural that they would have the upper hand.

'If we drive them back here, they'll get in the way of our invasion of King's Landing, so we'll have to destroy them.
A greasy old man said.
This fat, bar-code, bald, fat man with a shiny, greasy face is the head of the Westin family.
This is the head of the Westin family.

'Are you sure about this? If it fails, we'll be in trouble too.
said a slender man who was present.
He had long brown hair and was a little taller than Patrick.

'Shut up! It was Baron Rigsby who said yes when I told him I'd get rid of the debt!
Baron Mike von Rigsby shrugs his shoulders at the shouting, and the three men look at him anxiously.

The well-known Viscount Harter, Curly, and Baron Eger.
'Our men are out there, we can win.
The man who said this was Rudolf van Zabeen, the third prince of the empire, the mastermind behind the connection between the Westin family and the empire, a slim man of about 20 years old.

'Then that's fine, because we can't back down now.

'If you win, I'll make you a proper Imperial nobleman. Don't worry.'
Grinning, the blonde-haired, blue-eyed Rudolf.