Under the command of Lieutenant General Simon, the Royal Army fights.

However, they had a hard time against the Westin's army, which had hastily built a fort.
The fort, which is only fenced with trees and covered with boards, is quite effective.

Archers rained down from inside the fort, making it difficult to reach the fort.
The Royal Army also shoots arrows, but they are only blocked by the fort.
The kingdom's army was gradually dwindling.

'Dismantle the wagons and make shields! For now, we just need to block the falling arrows!

Under the command of the lieutenant general, a shield was made that was no better than a simple wooden board. This is not a shield.

'Can we call this a shield?

This was Wayne's first comment.
It was just a crude thing made by ripping off the back of a wagon and attaching a handle.

'It's better than nothing.

He held the tattered shield like an umbrella, blocking the arrows that fell from above.
Some of the arrows pierced through.

When you get a little closer to the fort, you get a direct shot, that is, an arrow aimed straight at you instead of upward.
You raise your shield at an angle and charge in.
Some of the men were hit by arrows that pierced their shields and fell to the ground.

Finally, some of you reach the fort.
They insert their two-handed swords into the fortress, which is only covered with boards, and use the principle of leverage to remove the boards.

'Now we can finally fight.
Wayne grinned, and several of them entered the fort with their shields at the ready.

One by one, the archers are cut down by Wayne and his men.
A bow and arrow, once released, requires time before the next shot can be made.
It's not something you can hold while running.
Since there were no soldiers to protect the archers of Westin's army, Wayne and his men were in the state of warriors in the fort.

When the inside of the fort is in chaos, there are naturally fewer soldiers to shoot arrows outside the fort.
The Royal Army came avalanching into the fort at once.