While Wayne and the others were killing the archers, a cloud of dust rose from the back.

'Watch out! Cavalry!'
Wayne shouts.

They are cavalrymen, mounted on horses and wearing metal armor.
Infantry, by the way, have leather armor.
They can't run around in metal armor.

Metal armor is for charging on horseback.

They manage to avoid cavalrymen who charge at them with spears at the ready.
The speed of the horse is not that fast because it is top heavy.

Wayne slashes the horse while avoiding it.
The horse neighs and stands up on its two hind legs, dropping the horseman on top of it as it runs away.

The fallen cavalryman managed to get up, but it was too late.

Wayne thrust his sword into the gap in the armor.
In armor, there are many gaps in the joints to allow movement.
It's because you can't move without them.

The blood spitting cavalryman collapsed and fell.

But not everyone can do as well as Wayne.
A number of his allies had fallen prey to the cavalry.

'Don't freeze! Get in position to avoid them!
Wayne and the other captains instructed their men.

'The cavalry will be here in a few minutes! Hold on!