When the Royal cavalry rushed in, they found the Royal Army, the betrayed Westin Territorial Army, and the Imperial Army all mixed up.
The Royal cavalry took aim at the Imperial cavalry and the Westin Territorial Army cavalry.
Running horses and crossed spears.

One by one, they fall from their horses.
When the cavalry had dwindled considerably, the Imperial reinforcements appeared.

'Are there still so many of them...?
The words muttered by one of the soldiers must have been the consensus of the Royal Army.

The majority of the Imperial Army was supposed to be dealing with the survivors of the Western Army and the reinforcements of the Southern Army.
And yet, here we are, with this amount of soldiers.
It is understandable that the Royal Army is growing impatient and anxious.

General Simon called out desperately to the demoralized Royal Army, somehow inspiring them to continue the battle.
Lieutenant General Simon saw it,

'The enemy's pantry is on fire! Just as we planned! They have no more food! If we can survive today and tomorrow, we'll win!
We'll win if we survive today and tomorrow!

Is it really a pantry? If it is a pantry, we don't know how much we've burned, but General Simon doesn't seem bothered by that.
If this voice raises morale...

It will bring light to the Royal Army.
Darkness to the Imperial Guard and the rebels.

It will change morale.