35-go through the woods

The time was when the Royal Army was leaving King's Landing.

With Corporal Mirko, Corporal Colton, a 30-year-old blond-haired male, blue-eyed, six-foot-tall and well-built, and Sergeant Josh, the inspector, Patrick was moving through the forest on his running dragon.

The advantage of the dragon is that it can move through the pathless forest on two legs.
It does not make a sound.
They are smarter than horses.
On the other hand, the disadvantages are that they are not as strong as horses and are slower.
Therefore, they are not suitable for pulling a carriage and can only carry one person.

Patrick and his friends are moving in the forest, trying to avoid being seen by the enemy.
'So, Second Lieutenant. What's the plan?
Mirko asks.

'It's simple, we infiltrate the enemy camp without being spotted and go around setting the pantry on fire.
'What? No, they'll find us... hmm? Couldn't the Second Lieutenant be...'

'Yeah, I'll go in and set the fire, you two take care of the running dragon and the inspector. And if I mess up, you two can run away and go home at once.''

'If the Second Lieutenant is serious about hiding, is there any enemy we can find? I'm not sure I can find them.
Colton nodded.

Then Inspector Josh, who hadn't been talking,
'Is it really that hard to find? I've heard rumors that it's easy to get behind an orc.
asked Corporal Mirko.
'That's right! There are times when you can hear them, but you can't tell where they are.

''Am I that bad?
''That much!
Mirko and Colton's voices came together.