After confirming that the fire had reached a certain level, Patrick left the tent.

'Let's burn a few tents while we're at it.
Patrick breaks into the other tents.

Some of the tents have people in them.
He passes those tents by.

He doused the tents with oil and set them on fire, and when the soldiers saw the tents on fire, they were confused.
Patrick walked normally past the running enemy soldiers.

But there was only one man who recognized Patrick.

'Oh, that's the guard who killed the heads⁉︎'.

The blue-eyed man was the only one of the bandits who had managed to escape.
This man thought Patrick was a guard for the Chamber of Commerce.
He must have gotten around very well, because he escaped and entered the Westin territory, and was even recruited into the territory's army.

'Oh no, that Reaper has joined the army! He's in front of me again, I'd better run for my life!
With that, the man ran toward the border.