38-with a startling

The center of the enemy camp was on fire.

Patrick threw the remaining oil at the largest tent, then threw a match and left.

'I'm back.
That was all he said, but the three waiting men jumped up and down in surprise.

'Ensign, I'm counting on you, when you approach an ally, please make your footsteps louder~'
Mirko said apologetically.

'No, they're on fire, and they're making a lot of noise, so you know they'll be back soon!
'That's what I was waiting for...'
Even Colton is talking like this.

'So? How'd it go?
'Perfectly. Let's change our armor and get out of here.

He hurriedly changed his leather armor and rode his dragon into the forest.


'How many tents are burned?
The man who was leading the spearhead team asks his men.
'About twenty were burned, sir. Above all, all the tents that were storing food were destroyed.
The subordinate replies.

'Idiots! What were the soldiers doing! We won't be able to fight after tomorrow!
The commander shouts while spitting.

However, this commander cannot speak for others either.
Because he was sleeping in the biggest tent, he didn't notice the fire until it was too late and suffered a severe burn on his right arm.
(You'll get burned if you sleep while soldiers are fighting!)
He shouted in his mind,
'I'm sorry, sir, but the soldiers said they didn't see anyone suspicious.
He said.

'It's obviously enemy arson! There is no way a tent this big could have burned naturally!
Of course not.

'That's true, but everyone I talked to said there was no one strange.

'Yeah, you incompetent bastards! At any rate, send out a message to the main force!

''Yes! At once!