The rebels have begun to retreat towards the western fort.

The Royal Army begins to pursue.
The rebels had little to eat, almost nothing but water.
Even salt was burned.

Their strength, but more importantly, their morale, was severely weakened, and they lost quite a few to the arrows, swords, and spears of the Kingdom.

'The blond devil!
Shouting this, Wayne used his spear to take out the rebels one by one as they recklessly attacked.

After killing them all..,
'Who's the devil? I'm a man!
Wayne turns his attention to the new enemy soldiers and runs.

You reach the gates of the west fort,
'How many did you get?
The rebel commander asks his second-in-command, worrying about the burns on his arms.

'About five hundred, I think.
'You got that many...⁉︎ You came here with 2000!

1,000 Imperial, 500 Westin, and 500 from the other four families.
That's three quarters lost.
A devastating loss.


'How many men were killed?
Lieutenant General Simon asked,
'About four hundred dead, two hundred wounded, I'd say.
'That's a lot of casualties. No, we'd have lost twice that many if we'd fought like that, thanks to Ensign Patrick's good work.

'Huh. But here's the thing. Next time, it won't be a makeshift fort like last time.

'I never thought we'd have to take down one of our own.