40-Baron Rigsby

From Westin's mansion in Westin territory, a number of carriages rush out.

Their destination is the west fort.
The same goes for Viscount Harter, Baron Curley, and Baron Eger.
And the Barons Rigsby.

'Hurry up! The Royal Army is entering Westin territory! We need to get into the west fort! We must get into the west fort! We can't escape if we're too late and the fort is surrounded!

A shouting man.
Baron Rigsby, Mike Von Rigsby.

'Why should we run to the fort? Why don't you just tell them that we didn't do anything!
The one who shouted a little hysterically was his full wife, Marianne Rigsby.
She was a fat, stocky woman of forty years of age, with a jaw of about 155 centimeters.
Incidentally, only the head of the family has a middle name, Fon.

'You can't use that excuse now! There are soldiers in armor with my crest on it! The other houses have the same! If they are defeated individually, there will be no escape! We can't even defend ourselves in a house like this!

'Where are my sons?
'They have gone ahead with the soldiers! We're taking food and money with us.


'There you are, you son of a b*tc*...'