There are only two roads from the Marquisate of Westin to the west fort.
The closer one would run into the Royal Army.
Patrick and the others were on the detour.

'Inspector, please watch carefully. See what I'm prepared to do.

'Yes, sir. Take a good look and report back to His Majesty.'

'Then I will. You two, escort the inspector.'

With that, he turned toward the carriage, and a second later, the three of them couldn't see Patrick's back.

An arrow pierced the carriage, which bore the crest of Baron Rigsby's family.
'An enemy attack?
His voice sounded weak, as if he was not sure of what he was saying.
It was no wonder, for although one arrow flew, there was no sign or sound of enemy soldiers.

'Hey! What's going on? Are those the enemy soldiers?
A voice came from inside the carriage.

'Yes, one arrow flew in, but there was nothing after that, so I'm at a loss to judge.
'Hmph! Throw away the one arrow. Just hurry up and get to the fort!
Just as the master was about to whip the horse, the metal fittings that connected the horse to the carriage came off and the horse ran away.

Those were the last words of the master.

'Hey! What are you doing? Let's go!
Mike peeked out from inside.

'That's impossible. I don't have a horse.'
He was wearing his royal leather armor, with the rank insignia of second lieutenant on his chest.
And a familiar voice, a head of black hair, and most eerily, black eyes.
A sword in his hand.

'Hey, Patrick?

'Hey, man. Good to see you, old bastard.

'Mr. Kikki! Who do you think you're talking to? That's not what you say to my father! You should be ashamed of yourself! What the hell do you think you're doing here? You're in the Royal Army...'
He points and says.

'Yes, I'm here as an Ensign in the Royal Army.

'Second Lieutenant? You can't be a second lieutenant in less than a year! It's you, you dirty bastard! It's probably a stolen rank insignia! It's even possible that you escaped! You're probably going to come home in a fit of pique and tell me you've been promoted to Ensign and want to take me home! But you have nothing to do with my family anymore! My family will be the nobility of the Empire! You will be with the Kingdom...

'What a mouthful of nonsense!
Mike's index finger, still pointing, had fallen to the ground.

Marianne, the pig, or rather his wife, appeared at the commotion outside.

'Hello! Pig! Are you in the middle of being sent to the pig farm?'

Patrick's words made Marianne's face turn red,
'Patrick! How dare a creepy kid like you talk to me like that! I won't forgive you!

'What if I don't forgive you? What if I don't?

'Leave this place immediately! I'll forgive you! Now get out of my sight!

'Are you insane, you pig?  Do you have a bug in your head?  I'm the Kingdom Army. You're the rebels. Do you think you can escape?

Patrick walks towards Mike, who is rolling around.

He kicks Mike in the stomach as hard as he can as he rolls around on the ground, and then kicks him in the head as he bends over.
He thrusts his spear into Mike's thigh, piercing it and pinning him to the ground.

'Well, you f*cking penny pincher. I want to thank you for everything you've done for me. You know what they'll do to you.'

'ま,待て! 私が悪かった,や,やめろ! やめてくれ! あんなことされたら,死んでしまう‼︎'


'あ,あれはマリアンヌがっ! マリアンヌがやれと!'

'あなたっ! 私を売る気っ⁉︎'

'うるさいっ! お前が言ったんだろうがっ! 黒い瞳なんて呪われてるに決まってると!'