The space was filled with screams that could have been mistaken for hell.

The man was wounded from the neck down.
He had no fingernails, his fingers were bent in ways they should not be, his arms were bent in places they should not be, his bones were sticking out, and his intestines were sticking out of his stomach.
Seeing this, the woman screamed, her face turning pale and trembling.

'Well, now it's your turn.
Patrick turns to the woman and smirks.
Marianne faints, but when he spears her in the back, she wakes up from the pain and screams.

Patrick breaks Marianne's legs so that she can't run, and then throws stones at her as she tries to escape with her arms only.
The woman's face had already turned purple and swollen, and blood was dripping from her nose.

'Pitcher, take a swing - I threw!
I heard a grunt,
I hear Patrick's voice, sounding a little happy.

A second later, Patrick picks up a rock and throws it.
You hear the woman's scream again.
Marianne collapses helplessly, with no energy to run.
Patrick approaches Marianne and stomps on her face,
'Hey! Pig! Get out of here! Isn't that what you've been doing all these years? You've been doing this a lot, haven't you? If you want, I can make you drink a potion and we can start over. Just like you did!

'Please, forgive me...'

'What did you say when I said that?
Oh yeah, do you think people listen to the wishes of insects? Did I say that? Then there's no way I'd listen to a pig's wish...'

The three who were watching from a short distance away were said to be trembling, their back teeth chattering.