How much time has passed? Half an hour, an hour.

Or was it more than two hours?
The horse was released from the wagon and came back.
Well-trained horses are said to return to the carriage by themselves.

'I'm getting tired of this.

Patrick said and easily chopped off the heads of Mike and Marianne.

He throws the heads into the carriage and calls out to the three.
'This carriage is full of food. Let's have a meal here.

The contrast between the three men, whose faces are drained of blood, and Patrick, who is in a good mood, is tremendous.


'Is that the Baron Rigsby's carriage? Why has it stopped? Is it broken down? My lord! The Rigsby family carriage has stopped! What can I do for you, sir?
The carriage carrying the Baron Curley called out inside.

Baron Curley's carriage stops next to Rigsby's.

'I see you are the Rigsbys, this is the Curlys. How may I help you? Is it broken?'
The Baroness Curley calls out to the Baroness Rigsby.

'Oh! You've come to the right place! We've been having trouble with the malfunction!

The Baroness Curley looks inside,
'There seems to be a malfunction!
But there was no reply.

Suspicious, he called again,
'There seems to be a malfunction!
I called out louder,

'Shut up, what if the person inside wakes up? Well, he won't wake up for ever!

The voice that came back was a youthful voice in a good mood.

It was the last voice the master had heard.

'It went well, but I was nervous! I can't act, sir!
Corporal Mirko said,

'You did a good job! You did fine. Let's keep it up and wait for the other houses to come through. I thought if the Rigsbys were there, the others wouldn't be yet, but I was right, and if Harter and the others come, we'll crush them.

The moment the carriage stopped, Patrick had broken into it and immediately decapitated the person inside.

Patrick laughed and laughed.

The three men felt a chill run down their spines.