44-to the fort

'Have you seen Carly and Rigsby yet?'

Asked the Marquis of Westin.
'Yes, my son and his men have arrived, but they're still behind schedule.

'The others are all here, you idiot!

Yes, all but those two families were here.
Or rather, those two families were too late, and they didn't have any soldiers with them, so they were too unaware of being part of the war and rebellion.

That's why they were killed by Patrick.

'The Kingdom's army is about to attack. Hold the line! Don't let them burn our food like they did last time! Well, this is a proper fort, so I guess we don't have to worry!

Meanwhile, the Kingdom's army is making good progress,

'Lieutenant General Simon! I see them! It's the west fort! There are many archers on the ramparts!
At the sound of the soldiers' voices, Lieutenant General Simon said,
'Hmm, we'll stop just before the arrows reach us.

'Send out a message to the survivors of the Western Army and the reinforcements of the Southern Army, I want to discuss it.
'Yes! Let's move them out!

Two horses start running with soldiers on them.