45-wait for

The commanders of the Royal Army have gathered and are discussing the operation.

It is decided that they will fight under the command of Lieutenant General Simon, and only the outline of the operation and the formation are confirmed.

We're going to work on a plan called 'The Plan. The detachment should already be in motion, so until then, we'll surround the fort and stand by.
At Lieutenant General Simon's words, the surviving commanders of the Confederate and Western armies pulled their jaws together.
'How much time do you need?
The commander of the surviving unit asked.

'In the last battle, we were burned to the ground after we started fighting. We have to assume that they can't move as fast as they want in the fort.
We can't do it today. Maybe tomorrow. Give the soldiers a hot meal!

Yes, sir. We've been eating only dried meat, so the soldiers will be happy.

'Hmm. Give them a good night's rest. Tomorrow, we'll wait, but it's harder than you think to wait for something you don't know when it's going to happen.

I see. But will he be all right? He's only one year old, isn't he?

'He'll be an Ensign in a year. Well, if it doesn't work, we'll have to do it the right way, which will cause a lot of damage. Then you might as well wait and hope for the best.