46-to begin to move

Patrick and the other four had given up on the other houses that hadn't shown up since then, and were heading for the west fort.

'In the end, we only managed to kill the Curleys, our idiot, and the pig.
Patrick said to the other three,
'No, that's enough!
But they didn't say it.
But they didn't say anything, because they had already seen Patrick's fear in their eyes.

'Well, we've arrived faster than the Royal Infantry, but the gates are closed, so where should we sneak in?
Unlike the Niwaka Fort, there are walls all around.

The fort was already fully defended.
There are guards on the walls and the gates are closed.
However, this fort is built on the assumption that the Empire is the enemy, so the Kingdom's forces will attack from the back.
Therefore, the back gate is heavily guarded, but the front and main gates are relatively unoccupied.
The main gates were flanked by service gates, where merchants from the Imperial side and military supplies continued to be transported.
Patrick had his eye on it.

The road to the fort, a short distance from the main gate.
That's where Patrick and the others were hiding.

A carriage was driving towards the fort.
An imperial merchant's carriage.
One guard and two guards. There are probably several people in the back of the wagon.
'Finally, a carriage of our own.
Patrick said,
'Depends on the amount of cargo, but I'm assuming there's two people inside, so five total.
Patrick and the others are four.
We can do this.

'Just as we discussed! Keep the merchant alive!
'Yes, sir!
'Oh dear, me too.
The one who grumbled was the inspector.

'You're a soldier too, you'll have to help us!

'All right. I'll do my best.'