An arrow pierced his throat from the grass.

He takes his hand from the reins and scratches his throat.
His moans are drowned out by the sound of the carriage.
But when the guards sensed something was wrong and were about to call out to him, four figures appeared in the grass.

'Enemy attack!

The guard shouts.
With no one left to hold the reins, the horses slow down.

When the carriage comes to a slow stop, two of the guards have already engaged Corporal Mirko and the warden in a slugfest.
Patrick goes behind the carriage and turns up the top.
There was a fat man, about 40 years old.
'If you resist, I will cut you down. If you do what I say, I'll spare your life. Choose now!
He thrust his sword at the man and said to him.


'I say again, resist and I will cut you down. Do as I say and your life will be spared. Choose!'

'I'll listen! I'll listen! I'll spare your life!
All right! Wise decision!

The two guards had already been cut down.

Patrick and the others took off their armor and disguised themselves as guards and protectors.
There were only three of them who could disguise themselves, but Patrick decided to put on the replacement clothes of the merchant in the carriage.
He was too fat to fit into the armor when he took it off.