48-sneak in

The wagon runs. Towards the main gate of the west fort.

'All right! Don't say a word and you can go back to your country. If you do, it's time to say goodbye to the world.'
Patrick said,

' says the merchant, terrified.

The soldier at the gate calls for a carriage.

'What's in it?
The soldier asks the merchant,
'Wheat, salt and dried meat, sir.
'I'll just check inside!
'Yes, please.
The merchant privately thought that even if he didn't say anything here, if the soldiers found him hiding inside, he would be saved.

'All clear! You can go!
But his faint hopes were dashed.

The merchant has no choice but to return to the carriage.
The carriage moves slowly.

'Okay, I'll just go as I please, and you three leave the fort with him and wait at the original location.
'Wouldn't that be dangerous for the Second Lieutenant?
' said Corporal Mirko.

'I can hide as long as I want.
'Well, sure.'
'And keep an eye on him to make sure he doesn't tip us off.
'Yes, sir.
'Then let's get moving.