50-blood-soaked black hair

Patrick keeps the sword in the soldier's back and moves his hand away to avoid the oncoming sword.

He distances himself from the sword being swung at him and pulls out the knife on his right hip with his right hand.
He dodged the sword, approached the soldier at once, and thrust the knife in his other hand into the soldier's throat.
While receiving blood from his right shoulder, he twists the knife and stops his breathing.

He pulls the sword from the soldier's back and places it in a sheath on his left hip.
He picks up a candle that has fallen to the floor and sprinkles the oil he has brought with him into a wheat bag.
He then threw the candle into the bag.
After confirming that the fire had spread, he quickly left the warehouse.

He crept into other warehouses and burned them in the same way.
After a while, smoke leaked out from the warehouses, and the area became noisy.

The inside of the fort was in an uproar, up and down.
Even the guards at the back gate were sent out to put out the fire, leaving one man behind.
The remaining soldiers were also looking towards the fire.
They didn't even notice the blood-soaked black hair standing behind them.

People fell to the ground.