51-black smoke

'Lieutenant General Simon! There's black smoke coming from the fort!
The lieutenant general, who had gone outside before the soldiers who had come to report, smiled when he saw the black smoke rising from the glowing red fort,
'Prepare to launch! Hurry up!
' he shouted.

The larder is on fire, and it won't go away even if you pour some water on it. Originally, there were only a few wells in the fort, so there was no need to worry about drinking water, but there wasn't a lot of it.
Water pumped up with a bucket and a rope would be just a drop in the bucket.
However, for the sake of food, we could not do without it.
All the soldiers were running around fetching water.
Even the archers who should be on top of the fort.
And no one noticed that the back gate had opened quietly.

Patrick opened the gate and looked outside the fort.
The Royal Army was there.