'Lieutenant General Simon, at your service, sir.

Patrick spotted Lieutenant General Simon at the head of the approaching Royal Army and said with a salute.
'Ensign Patrick, thank you! You've done well! Leave the rest to us!

'No, I'll help in any way I can.

'All right, let's move in quickly now, and if you're tired, rest in the rear. Now, all of you, charge quietly.'
So saying, he advanced the army.

When about half of the troops had entered, they realized that more than 1,000 men would be enough.

'Hey, enemy attack!

shouted the first soldier who noticed it.
And those were the last words of that soldier.
For the arrow flew and pierced the man's chest.

And at the same time, the kingdom's army started running with a loud shout.

Ooohhhh! !!!!

Rather than a voice, it was more like a rumbling of the earth.

The soldiers working to put out the fire had no bows, swords or shields.
They were helpless against the flying arrows, and one by one the rebels fell.

By the time the imperial troops, who were not engaged in firefighting, finally rushed in with weapons, the rebel army was in a state of destruction.

The Imperial forces were struggling against the powerful Royal Army.

The leader of the rebel aristocracy and the Imperial officers in the command center of the fort decided to retreat as soon as possible.