The officers and the head of the family hurriedly packed up their belongings.

When the soldiers saw this, they grasped the situation.
(They are trying to escape.

A soldier whose morale is broken is very fragile.
And if even one person runs away, it spreads like a contagious disease.

'Leave those who run alone! We're after the rebel leader and the Imperial Guard leaders! Don't let them escape!

Under Lieutenant General Simon's orders, the soldiers set their sights on the wagons.

Many of the nobles are physically weak.
Except for the noblemen who belong to the army, the noblemen who are confined to their estates can only move around in their houses.
When they go out, they use carriages or horses.

One after another, the carriages are stopped.

Soldiers fleeing on horseback alone will be shot with arrows.

The kingdom's army is holding the back gate, so if you want to escape, go to the front gate.
But the main gate is closed. The only gate open is the side gate.

It's a small gate, barely big enough for a carriage.
Soldiers fleeing on foot would rush through it, so there would be no room for horses.

However, the Imperial Guard leaders kicked even the Imperial Guard soldiers away with their horses as they passed through the gate.

Stepping on top of the kicked and fallen soldiers, more horses went out.