The war is over for now.

The rebellion has been crushed, and the Imperial invasion has been avenged.
The rebellious noble families were basically crushed.
The territories were returned to the crown.

Except for one family.

'Now, my brother, I know you don't have one, but do you have a confession?
Patrick asks the two brown-haired, blue-eyed, muscle-bound, fat men in front of him.

As you can see, they are Patrick's two older brothers.
They had escaped from the fort in a wagon and were captured.
'Patrick! Hurry up and untie me! Who the hell are you talking to?
'Yes, I am! Hurry up and untie me! I'm the next head of the baronial family!
The two of them don't get it at all.

'Ensign, do these two have worms in their heads?
The one who asked was Lieutenant General Simon, who came all the way here.

'You old man! Who do you think you're talking to?
A lieutenant general of my country, a nobleman, and a marquis, no less.

'Shut up! Brother! I don't like it when you call me brother! Listen, scum! This is His Highness the Marquis Simon, Commander-in-Chief of the Kingdom and a senior nobleman! A mere heir to a former baronet's house is who you're talking to! Don't open your mouth!
Patrick said, kicking his eldest son in the face.

'Well, well, I'll let Patrick's face do the talking here. Patrick, I've been told by His Majesty that you are in charge of disposing of these men. I'll just have to wait and see. If I were to give you a word of advice, I'd say that Patrick's future reputation will depend on what he does with them.

'Ha! Yes, sir.
'Then leave it to me.
Simon sat down in a nearby chair.

In addition to the Lieutenant General, the Attorney General, the Marquis, and the top brass of the military were also present.

'So, before I hand down this punishment, let me tell you guys something. I've killed your shitty father and the pig that gave birth to you after I've paid him back well.

What? What?
'Hey, you!

They glared at Patrick, but he paid them no mind,
'As for your punishment, the eldest son will not only be unable to stop the leader's rebellion, but for his complicity in the rebellion, he will be dragged around the capital, stoned, and then beheaded.
The second son, after practicing interrogation by our soldiers, had his hands and feet cut off and was hanged upside down until he died. That's all!

After that, the two men shouted abuse at Patrick, but his face looked radiant.


'I don't know what to say, I guess he hates the people in his house that much.
'Well, if what I've heard is true, it makes sense, but it's pretty ruthless.
'I'll report it to His Majesty. You two can go back.

They left the room, leaving only Lieutenant General Simon in the anteroom.
Then comes the king with his guards and Patrick's inspector, Josh.

'Your Majesty!
Lieutenant General Simon bows to his subjects,
'Good, Simon. Sit down. Sit down and listen to the report with me.
He said.