58-secret conversation

'That's all!

Inspector Josh finishes his report.

'Simon, what do you think?'
The King asks,
'He certainly seems to have a cruel streak. His punishment of my brothers was quite severe.
But that's only for the Rigsbys.
His men may fear him a bit, but he seems to be loyal to his country.

Simon replies as he sees fit.

'It's true, according to the report, he blew the head off the Curley's with impunity, so it's not as if he's brutal. Well, let's leave the interrogation out of this.
The king says with a little laugh.

'To be honest, I was scared. I felt like a frog stared at by a snake. My skill level is probably in the middle to lower range, but I don't think I could beat him on the battlefield, let alone face-to-face.
Sergeant Josh speaks up.
The inspector is strong. Because it's their job to make sure the people they're inspecting don't escape.

'Certainly, there have been reports of glimmers of light in the fighting so far.
These are the words of Lieutenant General Simon.

'Hmm, a snake stared at me. I see. Okay, I've got an idea! And the Empire's bonkers third prince, that would be Ensign Patrick, right? Isn't there a department that could make better use of the Second Lieutenant? What a waste, huh?

The King said.
'Certainly. But how should we use him? I'm sure he'd be great at assassination, rear distraction, and the like, but we don't have a department like that.

'If we don't have one, we can make one!