A month later, the various dispositions were completed, and a five-year non-aggression pact was signed with the Empire.

Reparations and ransom have been paid.
The Third Prince has returned to the Empire, but it is rumored that he will be imprisoned for some time.
The five rebel families have been officially crushed.

And the kingdom held a ceremony this day.
Wayne's doing well.
Two ranks higher.
Corporal Mirko, sergeant.

Corporal Colton to Captain.

And Patrick...

'Major! That's great!
' said Sergeant Mirko.
'And an appointment as Eighth Army Cavalry Regimental Commander and Viscount Snakes!
said Wayne.

Yes, a knighthood.
The name of Rigsby was disgraced, so the king created a new House of Snakes and gave Patrick the title of House of Snakes.

He became the third son of a baronet and the head of a viscount.
His domain was the former Barony of Rigsby and part of the former Viscount Harter.

At the age of 15, he was born the head of a new noble family.