60-Eighth Army

There were seven armies in the Royal Army.

The first through third armies were responsible for guarding the capital and maintaining public order.
The Order of the Kingsguard is also in the first army.

The fourth is the Eastern Army, the fifth the Western Army, the sixth the Southern Army, and the seventh the Northern Army. The seventh is the Northern Army.

The basic mission of the directional forces is to guard the fortifications in that direction and the surrounding area and maintain security. They are assisted by the soldiers of the local lords, and are responsible for protecting and maintaining the security of the kingdom.

The three armies in King's Landing are commanded by a general and two lieutenant generals.
Lieutenant General Simon is one of them, the head of the Second Army.

The directional forces are also commanded by lieutenant generals and major generals.
What's unusual this time is the newly created 8th Army.
The head of the newly created 8th Army Mobile Regiment is a major general.

For all intents and purposes, the head of the Eighth Army is now Lieutenant General Simon.
It was not allowed to have a non-general at the head of the army, so it came to this.

Since the size of the army is currently only a regiment, Patrick will effectively take command at His Majesty's word. If the operation is successful and goes smoothly, the number of soldiers will increase.

A regiment is the equivalent of three battalions.
It was not a large number, but there was a reason for it.

First of all, since we would be moving through the forest, it would be desirable to have men who could ride a running dragon.
Only about one battalion was able to meet this requirement. In addition to this, there were troops who could ride horses and supply troops in wagons.
This combination has resulted in the current size of the regiment.

And the training was extreme.
Patrick boot camp.
It was common to see soldiers wandering around the barracks, slurping muddy water, eating insects, mentally exhausted, and with empty eyes.

The weapons were special and the training was intense.

One year after its founding, the 8th Army, a cavalry regiment, was thoroughly disciplined until its first battle as a black-robed unit.

Patrick, the boss who imposed outrageous training on his men with a wry smile.

"Patrick, the Grim Reaper.
Patrick the Grim Reaper.