The story takes place right after the ceremony.

After the ceremony, those who have been rewarded for their achievements in the war are moving to the royal castle.
Almost all the heads of noble families and high-ranking military officials attended the banquet, so it was a painful event for the low-ranking soldiers.
However, those below the rank of second lieutenant will not be attending this time, as there are too many of them.

Patrick and Wayne are in the courtyard of the castle where the banquet is being held.
Of course, the others will be there.
It's a standing dinner.
It's customary for lesser barons and legionnaires to make acquaintance with their superiors.
Noblemen seek connections with higher-ups, such as joining a faction, to secure their position.
If you're a member of the military, you need backing.

In Wayne's case, he became a lieutenant, but his position was that of a son of a baronet.
He is not an heir, so he has almost no backing.
That's how powerless a baronial family is. His family, the Kimble family, is a warrior noble family, all of them military, but even the head of the family is a captain.
He's only one year above Wayne.
My mother's family is also baronial, and the head of this family is a lieutenant.
He's not a powerful man, not even in the military.

But there was a crowd of people around Wayne.
The head of a noble family usually brings his wife and daughter with him.
In a sense, the banquet is a group matchmaking event.

Wayne's appearance was outstanding and his skills were quite good.
The second and third daughters of viscount and baron families, as well as families with no sons, are probably trying to get their eldest daughter's son-in-law to be a samurai.
Well, there is no doubt that the daughters are keen on the idea and are actively promoting it.

Patrick, who had no place to stay, was eating alone, away from Wayne.
No one would talk to him because he had no presence.

From Wayne's direction, the glamorous women were pulling each other's legs in a perfect balance.
Then, a beautiful woman appeared.

'Wayne Kimball, may I have a word with you? I'd like to introduce you to my daughter.

And with her came Lieutenant General Simon.