63-a certain family

Lieutenant General Simon had no sons.

Only daughters were born to him, even though he had five wives.
I'm told he has 15 daughters.

Apparently he brought in his eldest daughter.
She's a year or two older than Wayne.
She's about six feet tall. She has long blond hair, blue eyes, and a slender frame that makes you wonder if she's hiding two apples in her chest.
Well, beautiful is the word I would use to describe her.
Her daughter, too, is blushing and seems eager.

To Patrick, who was looking at her blankly like that,

'Brother Pat!

A girl's voice called out to Patrick.
It's a girl's voice.

There are few people who can recognize Patrick.

But most people in her family can recognize Patrick.
Perhaps it's the blood.

'Father, brother! I've found your brother Pat!
A girl with twin-tailed brown hair happily calls out to the men coming from behind.

'You're looking good, Aisha. You've grown up. You're a fine lady. But your voice is too loud. Maybe we should tone it down a bit.'
Patrick said with a wry smile,

'It's been two years, maybe three! Even voices get louder!
A chubby girl with brown eyes stares at Patrick.

'Hey! Pat! Long time no see. You've been very active!'

'Mm! Glad to see you're doing well! Patrick!

Two men called out to me.

'Good to see you both. Brother Decourse! Uncle Trolla.

Yes, my mother's brother and his cousins.