64-Baroness Canaan

Baron Canaan.

An aristocracy with a strong military background.

The men are well-built and powerful, especially in the cavalry.

The women are of the chubby type.
Patrick's mother was also of the chubby type.
Patrick's mother was also chubby. The Rigsbys' wives were also chubby.
In other words, the money men were fat men.

His cousin Aisha was also a little chubby.

'Patrick beat me to it! Hahaha!
The head of the Canaanites is a captain in the First Army, and belongs to the Kingsguard. Even though he wears full-body metal armor, he moves around with tremendous speed, and in a sense, he's a monster.
He has brown hair with a slight thinning at the top of his head and big brown eyes.
He is about six feet tall, but his muscles are more impressive than that.

His character is like a split bamboo, and he says what he doesn't like, so he is still a captain, but he is a man of ability and should have been a general.

However, he did not have a talent for making money, and at a certain time, his territory suffered from a series of bad harvests, and he ran out of food and money, so he borrowed money from the Rigsby family, which was famous as a loan shark among the noble families of the kingdom, or rather, he got through the bad harvest by taking his sister as his wife.

He was a man who put the people before his own family.

Therefore, he was highly trusted by the people.
The Rigsbys, who were forced to borrow money from the Westerns because of his wife's uncontrollable spending, ridiculed him as the curse of the Canaanites and turned against Patrick, who had black eyes.