65-House of Canaan 2

Decourse similar to Trolla's.

He is the eldest son of Baron Canaan, and his successor has been decided.

Until two years ago, he belonged to the Knights of the Kingsguard like his father, but now that his succession has been officially decided, he has left the military and is training to run a business in his domain.
He has a body shape similar to his father's, brown hair and big brown eyes.

In this world, in the Royal Army, there are formal discharge, dishonorable discharge, honorable discharge, and reserve discharge.

A formal discharge is what is called a mandatory retirement.
A dishonorable discharge is a dismissal for misconduct.
Honorable discharge is death in battle.
A honorable discharge is a death in the line of duty. A reserve discharge means that a soldier, like DeCourse, has been out of the service for a time but is eligible to return.

DeCourse was ten years older than Patrick, and when Patrick was a child, he and his mother would often come home once a year to practice with him.

This practice continued until Patrick's mother passed away. For Patrick, he loved DeCourse more than his own brothers, although it is doubtful that he even considered them as his brothers.
He was big and strong. Kind at heart.
That's DeCourse.

Aisha, two years younger than Patrick, is an energetic, irresistibly chubby girl.

She loves Patrick as much as, if not more than, her own brothers.
'Pat, come home again! Your brothers want to see you too! I want to hear about the war. I'd like to hear about the war.

DeCourse said,
'Brother Decourse! Honestly, thank you! I've been in a bit of a pickle since I suddenly became the leader!
He smiled and laughed.

Patrick also had people in this world that he could call family.