66-I didn't notice.

The four of them had a good time eating and drinking, and promised to take a vacation to the Canaan territory. Just as they were getting into the swing of things, a new person approached them.

'Major Patrick!

I hear a cheerful boy's voice and look over to see a boy I recognize.
'It's been a long time.
It's Kevin, the man I saved a while ago.

'I'm glad to see you're doing well.
Patrick replies.
The Marquis of Dixon comes up behind him.

'Long time no see. His Excellency, the Marquis of Dixon.
Patrick greets him,

'Congratulations on your promotion. Major Patrick. I've heard of your successes.
The Marquis of Dixon smiles back at him.

Patrick greets the two and introduces them to Baron Kanaan's family. The kidnapping was well covered.
A young girl watches from afar as the three families talk amicably, but Patrick doesn't notice.

He also didn't notice that Aisha's eyes were glowing suspiciously when she looked at Kevin.