67-new equipment

After the war, there was a major change in the military.

A large number of new recruits came in due to a reduction in the number of men killed or wounded in action.
In Patrick's case, Wayne left.

He's being transferred to Lieutenant General Simon's office.
From what I hear, he's getting the short end of the stick.
Well, I'm sure he won't injure his future son-in-law in a way that will cause permanent damage.

Yes, Wayne's engagement has been set.

Blast the rear!

The 8th Army is in the midst of training because it has been newly established. After all, it is expected to work in a completely different way than before.

The main missions are so-called rear distraction, infiltration and assassination.

We are also tasked with capturing bandits.
As for the bandits, Patrick said,
'It's a good way to train for combat and infiltration.
The equipment was renewed.

The equipment has also been renewed.
Spears, which are a hindrance in the forest, have been replaced with shorter ones. Swords are basically one-handed or swords.
Bows and arrows are now smaller and more portable.
We are now training with a focus on accuracy and not distance.

Next, throwing weapons.
Throwing knives are hard on the budget in case we can't retrieve them, so we're going with something simpler, something we pulled from a memory from a previous life.

'Shuriken? Is it? I've never heard of this weapon before, but how do you throw it?
When I showed him the example, it was quite popular.
The blacksmith, however, complained quite a bit.

'There are too many of them! You're killing me!
You're not going to kill me!

I'm not trying to kill you at all!