Just run.

I don't know how many hours I've been running.

I'd say half of them have already dropped out.
I'm Mirko. I'm a soldier in the royal army.
I'm with the 8th Army now.

The newly created 8th Army's main mission is rear distraction, infiltration, and assassination.
We are told that we need to be physically strong in order to go behind the enemy's back, and we are made to run every day.
However, they don't tell us how many hours we have to run, how many times we have to go around the training center, or what our goals are.

This is hard.
If I had a goal, like how many laps to go, I could work hard, but not knowing the goal is heartbreaking.
But the order is to run until the person in the lead says it's over.

It is the army that obeys orders.
I drink water from my canteen as I run.
I choked a little, but I had to drink or I'd collapse.
He's got a lot of strength for such a small man. I've never seen that before.

'Major, there's less than half of the bottle left, what should we do?

I ask, and the Major says,
'Well, if 50 more people drop out, we're done. In exchange, speed up! Those who fall behind will be eliminated. There will be a penalty game for those who drop out! Let's go!

And with that, the Major, who was running in the lead, sped up even more.
A monster.