69-outdoor activities

Today is fun.

All eight of us are camping in the woods.
We pitched our tents near a stream in the forest and got food in the forest.
There were no beasts, but there were three orcs, so we had enough meat.

There were a few injuries, but they were minor and inevitable in outdoor activities.

After dinner, we went fox-hunting, or Patrick-hunting.

Easy. All you have to do is find me in the woods.
I told them if they found me and got a certificate from me, I'd give them a reward when I got back, and they were happy to participate.

Yeah, I ended up sleeping in a tree until morning.
Didn't everyone play hide-and-seek when they were little?

Well, I slept well, so that's good.
Also, there was a bird's nest on the tree, and one of the eggs was big, so I took it.
A palm-sized egg.
I'm heating it now. In a previous life? In a previous life, I longed for a hand-held bird. I couldn't get anyone to buy me a living thing.
It's a pretty big egg. What kind of bird is it?

In the morning, we trained them how to use small bows and arrows in the forest, and taught them how to curve shuriken.
However, all of them were listless and their accuracy was poor.
We'll have to train when we get back.

There are shurikens for straight lines and those that curve.
The so-called cross-shaped ones are the ones that bend.
The arrow-shaped ones are the straight ones.

At noon, we'll be hunting Patrick again.
If they can't find him in the middle of the day, they're not paying attention.
I left them clues.
I left them clues. Footprints, fallen trees, you name it.

I told them we'd skip dinner if they didn't find it, but they don't take it seriously?
Are you on a diet or something?
I don't care if you complain to me the next morning that you couldn't sleep because you were hungry!