70-combat uniform

We decided to make combat uniforms for the 8th Army in addition to uniforms.
We have the same budget as the other armies, but there are too few of them.

And of course, no metal armor, because making noise is out of the question.
Except for the leather boots and breastplate, the rest of the armor is made of cloth with green, black and brown patterns.
It's called BDU, or battle dress uniform.
The kind Earth soldiers wear in battle.

And I made a vest-type thing with a waist belt that holds a one-handed sword and a knife, and a breastplate.
I stored the shurikens and other items there one by one so that they would not clatter.
This should make it much easier to hide in the woods!

I hope so.

Oh yeah, the eggs have hatched!

It did, though.

It wasn't a bird.

It was a snake.

I thought it was strange. The shell was soft.
I asked someone who knows a lot about snakes, and he said that some snakes in this world lay their eggs in a bird's nest and let the bird keep them warm.

Of course, the birds eat the eggs, so there are only snakes' eggs in the nest.
Then, as soon as they hatch, they eat the birds they've been keeping warm for their first meal.
Too smart.

It bit me as soon as it hatched. I avoided it.
Since then I catch rats every day and feed them to the snakes.

Pets are so cute.