71-Milko's complaints.

I want to sleep. I really want to sleep.
I'm hungry, seriously.

Hmm? What am I doing?

I'm looking for Major Patrick.
They said I was hunting Patrick last night, so I looked, but there's no way I could find him at night!
I'll stay awake, train with the shuriken, and hunt for Patrick again.

Shurikens, a weapon I've never seen before, but they're pretty good. You can't hit them over long distances, but at 10 meters or so, they're pretty powerful. Unlike knives, they're small and light.

No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
We gotta find Major.
We can't find her in the daytime!
Look for footprints in the woods? Don't be absurd!
How did the trees fall? I don't know!

Huh! I fell asleep while walking.
Hang in there! Mirko! You should still be able to search! You could search the military grounds!
Calm down! You're talking funny!
Take a deep breath!

Phew. I'm calm.

That's what I keep telling myself, but there's no way they'll find me.

In the end, none of us got our prize.

I heard later that they were up in the trees at night.
During the day, they were hiding in the ground.

Who would look for them in the ground?