'That's not good enough.

Patrick muttered to himself as he reflected on the recent field trip.
'The tree tops at night are good for hiding and attacking. It's a problem if you don't notice it.

In the day, I just dove into the beast's den and blocked the entrance from the inside.
If you'd been paying attention, you'd have noticed the unnaturalness.

The lack of concentration due to lack of sleep must have reduced his cognitive ability.
In order to carry out the mission of the 8th Army, you have to hide from the enemy, and in some cases, run away.
A single night's sleep, in that condition, could be fatal.
'I guess we'll just have to train for now and see how important it is.

A voice called out to Patrick as he walked through the training center.
'Hey! Pat! Long time no see!
'Oh, it's Wayne. I heard you're being trained by the Commander. I've heard rumors!

He was a subordinate of mine until a while ago, but he's now an engaged man.

'No, if you say so, your men were complaining about it. They're training till midnight in the woods! What if there are orcs? You can't fight them at night.

This opinion is correct, because fighting in the forest at night is suicidal.
But, you know, there are times when our mission is to go through the forest at night and distract the enemy's rear.
If you can't do it in training, do you think you can do it in actual combat?'
'Well, yes, but... We're training to find you, right? How am I supposed to find you?
'That's not true, is it? You're not moving. I'm not!
'You can't find me because I'm not moving! I can't find you without hearing your footsteps!
'What's wrong with you?
'Do you know what they call you?

'Hmm? They call me Major?

'That's because I'm right in front of you! They call me the Reaper behind my back! There's a rumor going around that you're about to be taken to the mortal world for training.
'What? They're still too naive to think that they're going to the world of death. Starting today, I'm going to show them the real hell.

Wayne smirked at Patrick,

Wayne says, 'Really?