'I'm going to die...'
'You idiot! You can't die if you can talk! Just run!

'Let me sleep...'
'If you sleep, I'll hit you! Come on, run!

'Oh, my legs feel like lead...'
'It's just my imagination! Go on, run!

'I feel like I've been running all day...'
'I'm fine! It's not my imagination! Come on, run!

'Hey, it's the 8th Army, right?
'Yeah, they've been making me run since yesterday morning.
'More than a whole day, right? It's hell.
'But Major Snakes is running with us, so it's hard to complain.
'I'm glad I'm not in the 8th Army.
'You're right! The training there is really bad!
'The second team looks like heaven!

'Today's training is with the 8th Army! I'm sure you've all seen it, but they're really into the training there! Our two armies should learn from them! Major Patrick, please! I've been summoned by His Majesty!
'Yes, Lieutenant General Simon!
As the Lieutenant General walks away, he is met by the disapproving eyes of the soldiers of the second army, but he does not notice.
Among them, of course, is Wayne.

Eight hours later

'Putt-o! Please let me rest!
Wayne shouts on behalf of the two troops who are being forced to run all the time.

But the answer was,