74-To Canaanese territory

Patrick is riding in a carriage.
His destination is Canaan territory.
He's going to see DeCourse.

Now that he's a viscount, Patrick has to run the estate.
I've decided to keep half of the former Rigsbys on the payroll.
Mostly those who worked in the annex.
Most of those who worked in the main building ran away.
Afraid of reprisals from Patrick.
Well, they'd been beating Patrick up with their old a**h*les, so they'd run.

The government hired almost all of them.
Except for one guy.
That man, who was in the position of assistant, had been collecting money illegally at the behest of the Rigsbys and fled as soon as the lord changed to Patrick, but was captured by the people and is now in jail.

As for the territorial army, we have lost a large number of men in the last rebellion, and although we are recruiting additional men, we still do not have enough.
Above all, we are short of generals, colonels and lieutenants.
We are trying to recruit retired members of the national army who can move.

Canaan Territory, Territorial Capital Tonil.

The Canaan territory, located in the southern part of the country, is full of green farmland.
The city of Tonil is full of people, and the wagons that carry the crops are running around, full of vitality.
In the center of this area is the house of the Kanaan family.
The carriage stops in front of the gate of the house, which is surrounded by a wall about two meters high.

A slender, middle-aged gatekeeper calls out to the guardian.
He answers, the gatekeeper nods, and the gate opens.

Patrick opens the small window of the carriage and calls out to the gatekeeper.
'Hello, Charlie. Long time no see.
'Sir Patrick? Oh! It is indeed Master Patrick! I've heard from the Master that you've become quite a man!'
The blond man with blue eyes looks a little pleased as he speaks to Patrick.
'Yes, thank you. You can practice with me tomorrow like before.
'It's been a long time, yes, sir!

Patrick's face was kind as he looked at the familiar face.