75-chief maid and butler

Patrick was invited to the villa and was shown into the reception room, where he drank tea made by the head maid, who was also a familiar face.
'I'm glad to see you're doing well, Erinda.
Patrick called out to the old blonde woman. It was Erinda, the head maid.
'You've grown into a fine young man, Patrick.
'Well, it just happened, but I'll do the best I can.
'Your husband was very happy to hear that.

While we were talking, there was a knock at the door,
Erinda opened the door, and Paul, the Canaan steward, entered the room.
Erinda leaves the room in his place.

'Mr. Patrick, it's been a long time.
A slender old man with gray hair bows his head.
In a black suit, he is a true butler.

'Mr. Paul, long time no see. You look good. You look good.
'No, no, I've lost a lot of strength. Lately, I've been losing more and more in my training with Master Decourse.
His blue eyes narrowed as he spoke.
No, no, no, at your age, you must be a monster to be able to train with him and win.
I thought,

'You're saying that again? I heard you got a new two-handed sword. You're still full of energy, aren't you? Brother DeCourse said that he'd have to be in really good shape to beat Paul.
'Mr. DeCourse is also working hard, so if you're not careful, you'll be beaten.
He smiled.

'Oh, I'm so nostalgic that I've been talking with him. The masters are waiting for you in the dining room.
'All right, let's go.

Since I knew the Kanaan family and the layout of the house, I couldn't get lost, but I followed Paul as he walked.
Paul stopped in front of a door and knocked,
'I have Viscount Snakes for you, sir.
He calls inside,
'Send him in, please.
Let him in.' A voice said from inside.

As they exchange words, Patrick thinks to himself,

(Viscount? Please let me through.)
He was biting back a laugh.