76-at a restaurant

The door is opened and Patrick enters the dining room.

'Welcome, Patrick! No, Viscount Snakes!
'Uncle Trolla, please don't call me Patrick, as usual. Is the Kingsguard on leave?'
'No, DeCourse said it would be better to call me Viscount, I'm on leave this month.

'No, it's the Viscount,' said Trolla, his uncle, and Decourse, his eldest son,
'No, he's a viscount and a major, I thought it would be better to call him that. Well, if Patrick wants us to call him that, it's probably not a good idea for an official occasion, but for an informal one, let's keep it the way it is.
Decourse said.

'Patrick, it's been a while, let's hear about your exploits in person.
' said DeCourse's brother, Brose.
This is Brose, five years younger than DeCourse, a muscular macho man like the Kanan family. He has brown hair and is a little shorter than Decourse.
He is the man who now leads the Canaanese army.

'Brother Brose, long time no see! It's been a while since I've seen you.
To Patrick, Brose was also the one he should call his older brother.
They had trained together with Decourse.
'Brother Pat! Tell me about the war!
' said Arlen, the third son, one year younger than Aisha. Although he was younger, he was taller than Patrick.
'Arlen looks good. Okay, let's hear it.'

And so Patrick sat in his chair and the men's war stories continued until suppertime.