Patrick, who had spent two pleasant days in the Canaan territory, was enduring physical pain on the carriage ride home.

'But those two are too energetic, aren't they?
He remembered two of the four men who had trained him, who had been particularly hard on him.
I had a good match with Uncle Trolla, and I was able to beat Brother DeCourse once, but I was completely outmatched by Charlie, the gatekeeper, and Paul, the butler.

The two were the speedy type.
They were both speedy types, and when Patrick moved, he moved like a god.
Charlie's spear-handling was nothing short of brilliant, and Paul wielded his greatsword with ease.

'I knew it, but I'm not fast enough. I'll have to work on that when I get back. But there's a lot to be gained.

The purpose of this visit was to secure human resources.
We need to fill the ranks of the army and the servants in the mansion.

The butler and maidservant have been found.
Paul's nephew, a middle-aged man named Santino, 35 years old, who used to work for the Canaan family, has agreed to come to the Snakes' house.
The head maid was going to be Leena, a maid that Patrick was familiar with, who had accompanied his mother to the Rigsby household.

It was also agreed that several relatives of the Canaanites would be transferred from the Canaanite army to the Snakes' army.
I was thinking that I can't be too proud of the Canaanns,
I felt a little light-hearted, knowing that the Canaanns were a little more cheerful in their management of the territory.